website design business

We'll create a great website for you

We are a small Australian design firm located in Perth, Western Australia and our focus is building websites that create customers. At PR Multimedia, we prefer the custom-web-design approach and this means that we can take the time to work with you to develop your company's website. We like to come up with unique designs for every website project that we take on board and our website design process puts the onus on your role in a specific market place.

We believe that understanding your business is the key to a successful online campaign. Aesthetic appeal and ease of navigation have their origins in careful analysis and research of a company's target markets. Our web designs are always about bringing more customers to the products and services that your company has to offer.

Mobile phone websites

People now regularly surf the web, buy products, download applications, conduct general business and personal tasks through hand held devices. We can create a mobile phone website for you that will deliver your webpage content quickly and efficiently to a wide range of mobile phones and hand held devices. With a mobile phone website you can improve customer awareness of your products and services, because these days more and more users are accessing websites through their iphones and smart phones. "Go mobile" and become more accessible to customers who are using the latest technology to access product and service information.

Content Management Systems

You can ensure your site is easily maintained by using the full potential of our latest CMS (content management systems) technologies. We can put the control of website content into your hands so that you can change photos and text on any of your website pages. With our CMS You can easily manage, maintain and expand your own website and there is no need for you to know html coding. CMS allow you to update your website any time of day, on any computer that has an internet browser such as Safari or IExplorer. Don't pay for someone else to manage your website when you can keep control and manage it yourself. Update content and other items to your website instead of paying fees to have a web company upload updates for you. Updates can be made quickly on a platform that is similar in functionality to an everyday word processor.

If you are needing to re-establish your online presence then we can help you to give your website the required boost. If you want to turn your great ideas into a profitable reality and open your door to a much wider target market then look no further. At PR Multimedia, we can offer you a wealth of advice on re-designing your website according to the latest standards in web technology. Remember that with our dedicated team you will get affordable services that meet professional standards.