website design business

Website Analysis & Planning

Our job is to listen and understand the requirements which are unique to your business. It all starts with a consultation about your goals for your business online. We analyse the industry specific to your business and we develop a precise solution that fits your needs. Most importantly, our aim as website devlopers is to establish long-term customer relationships that are built on
trust and commitment. We work closely with you, helping to turn your visions into a website.

Website Design

if you are serious about your web success, we can get you there with design that will increase your competitive potential. Using the most common and reliable languages and the most robust technologies we can provide you with a fully tailored website design which is produced specifically for your company. Once we have a design prepared we can then set up a temporary online space where you can view and test our design and then once you give us the 'go ahead', we can proceed further on to the development stage.

Website Development

Using the most advanced and latest web development technology we can program a fully functional and usable system that has a user-centric core. Through regular interaction with you during the development process we can lay out a user interface that fits your vision of the appearance of your company online. We program a website structure for you and then add all of the necessary content that your website will require. It is our aim to always have a clear navigation structure, good quality images and easy to access product and service information.

Post Launch & Support Activities

Your website is ready to be tested to ensure that it meets your expectations. We have not finalised your website project until you are completely satisfied with it. When you give us your approval, your website is delivered to your domain name address. (eg: You may want training on our integrated content management system (CMS) or we can make an agreement for our team to update website content for you. Other post launch activities include pay per click marketing, off site search engine optimisation (SEO) and viewing website statistics. It is our aim to continue working with you to establish a long lasting business partnership together.